2017 ECS British Columbia: MVPs


RB Jesse Benneke — Jesse was the most impressive out of a small group of RB. Jesse really impressed in the testing portion running one of the fastest 40 yard on the day with a 4.59 and great lower body explosion with a 9’1 broad jump. Jesse was able to catch the ball well out of the backfield along with showing a decent ability to change direction in the cat and mouse drill.



QB Nate Hunt — The QB battle was extremely tough with Nate Hunt, Mac Ward and Grady Munro leading the pack. Mac Ward had to leave early so it left Grady and Nate to battle it out for the top spot. They went throw for throw down the stretch displaying arm strength, accuracy and nice touch on the ball. In the end Nate ended up getting the slight edge over Grady but it was one of the best ECS MVP battles we have seen.



WR Malik Naherny — Malik is a class of 2020 prospect that was initially invited because of his play at DE for high school Lord Tweedsmuir. It was a shock to us that he lined up at WR but he sure didn’t disappoint. Being so young there is certainly a lot he can work on but his size, strength and leaping ability made him such a tough cover throughout the day. He was able to use that size to make plays all day against smaller DBs that lead him to the MVP award.



DB Steen Rasmussen — Underclassman that shined amongst a nice group of DBs. He showed really well in the position drills showing off fluid hips and a quick change of direction, Fearless going against WRs and came up on the winning side of numerous 1 on 1 battles.



OL Phillip Grohovac — Phillip has really turned into a great next level prospect through the years. It has be a pleasure seeing his development from his freshman to Junior year where he topped it off with an ECS MVP award. Phillip displayed nice footwork, a decent punch and the ability to finish defenders.



DL Evan Nolli — Evan really flew under the radar throughout the testing and positional drills but absolutely came to life as he dominated the 1 on 1 portion of the combine. With every rep flawlessly executed leaving the opposing offensive lineman shaking their head as they didn’t know what happened.



Mason Reeves LB — Came in as a highly touted prospect and didn’t disappoint. A big physical presence that looks like he is ready for post secondary football right now. Mason showed good movement and athleticism in the positional drills that carried over into the 1 on 1s that allowed him to stay with RBs in pass coverage and wrap up ball carriers in the cat and mouse drill.



Shomari Williams

Shomari founded Top Prospects to help other Canadian athletes be recruited by, and earn scholarships at universities and colleges in Canada and the US. His unique experiences earning a full-ride scholarship to an NCAA FBS school and also playing for a championship CIS team, and then enjoying a CFL career will be an important source of support and assistance to coaches recruiting into their college and university programs, and to student-athletes and their parents as they make critical decisions about their academic and athletic futures.


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