Q: Who attends the Elite Combine Series and what is the purpose?

A: The ECS is designed to help elite high school players with college potential advance their football and training knowledge in order to maximize their ability. Players are tested to see where they stack up against other elite players and are taught position-specific drills.

Q: How can a player get registered to attend ECS?

A: Invitations to the combine are sent out to top players in the class of  2017, 2018 and 2019. Players can also be recommended by their coach as a top prospect. If a coach recommendation is not possible then a player may email a link to video highlights so he can be evaluated.

Coaches can send in recommendations at any time; please include as much relevant information as possible along with highlights if possible. Please click the link to Nominate A Player


Q: What happens at  ECS? 

A: Athletes who come to the ECS will register, where they will pick up their ‘Gear’ Rawlings Shirt & Shorts along with gloves and travel bag.  Followed by a head shot then height and weight are measured.

1. Testing: After a dynamic warmup players will have the option to test in the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle and broad jump. Testing scores can be verified with a green check mark on each athletes TopProspects.ca recruiting profile for coaches to view. Any testing results athletes don’t want coaches to see can be scratched.

2. Position specific drills: Players are separated into position groups (QBs, RBs, WR/TEs, OLs, DLs, LBs and DBs) to work individually on football skills and techniques with position coaches.

3. One-on-ones: One-on-one passing and line drills!

Q: What are the other benefits of attending?

A: ECS will provide the best opportunity for national exposure that a camp can offer. Video and action photos for TopProspects.ca will be taken and US media including 247Sports, Rivals and Scout will be invited to attend. Also The ECS is a great opportunity to be evaluated for a TopProspects.ca star rating and potentially earn a spot in our National and provincial rankings.

Q: Will a bad performance at ECS hurt my recruiting chances?

A: No, ECS is about competing against the best of the best and getting better. All testing numbers can be scratched from our records so that any coaches we send results to won’t see the results.


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